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Matt Lewis has been showing his work in Detroit and elsewhere since 2001.  He has participated in shows at the Detroit Artists Market, the Scarab Club, the BBAC, Paint Creek Center for the Arts, The Cass Cafe, Corktown Studios and many more.  His work can be found in many private collections as well as in the Collections of CCS, GM, and the Nemer Group.



Matt Lewis is a Fine Arts graduate of the College for Creative Studies (2002). He combines his natural abilities as an artist with his continual pursuit of personal growth to create paintings that evoke the inner landscape of the soul.  Matt has found a way to honor the tradition of using the unconscious as a form of self actualization.  For him, making art is a part of the process of undersatnding oneself, and paintings are simply a wonderful record of the journey.

        -Taurus Burns, 2015




This work is about finding images for feelings, emotions,experiences, etc. by digging into; instead of looking for them in particular.  The process allows the work to be done as unconsciously as possible in the beginning and relies on a series of color relationships for its structure.


Though the word process may sound technical, it is instead a series of rituals to separate the analytical mind in terms of a planned direction and specific subject matter and composition and rely instead instincts, urges, necessity, ….


The matrix of the paintings are always the same, always after the same end. The work is meant to be a meditation and a reflection, a record of time spent and an attempt at a communication that is both personal and communal, inside of us and outside of us.


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